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i must admit that in all of my time here at Emily Carr I’ve had a difficult time expressing my process. I think it’s because it’s elusive or spontaneous enough to happen without the intention of documenting it. my mind works in jump-cuts. and i like it like that. i like to look at it as an absurd poem in itself, where the gaps are up for interpretation. in any case, after reading a particularly moving poem a couple of days ago, I decided to put my other poster ideas to rest for now. they do merge together in some way of course, but in any case…


design is really new to me. It’s not the way I think, but now that I’ve got the cheesy effects out of the way (it is all to easy to go that route) I’m trying to get to the basics. I’ve been reading essays in my new “Hatred of capitalism” book and enjoying it, but I don’t feel like I have the need to protest so explicitly at this point in my life . Instead I turn to a sort of meditation. repeating words in my mind. that in itself can be a political act, where a sort of existential exercise acts as a movement towards focusing your energy. It can mean that you understand the meaning of a  word as a means in itself and not a means to an end.